Pickup Pronto will be launching in Las Vegas, NV and Reno, NV  August 15th, 2017.  

All drivers have passed a background check, are backed by Pickup Pronto's insurance policy, have had their driving records examined, and are at least 18 years of age. Your items to be shipped are backed by our cargo insurance policy up to $10,000 of value.  Users are able to rate the drivers conduct, Pickup Pronto uses ratings to help us ensure better customer experiences.  

Pickup Pronto connect willing drivers with pickup trucks, cargo vans, and cars with individuals and businesses that need to transport large, medium, and small items.  

Yes, in fact, Pickup Pronto offers services 24/7.  

Sometime an item is just too big to get through a door.  When this happens you can instruct the Pickup Pronto driver to leave the item outside of the home or business, or, you can have the item returned to the original locations by placing another order through our mobile application, website, or by telephone.  Please take all proper measurements prior to requesting a delivery to reduce the chances of this situation occuring.  

Each driver will come with two straps and a tarp for protection, but we do suggest our customers wrap or package items as nessessary prior to the driver arriving.  Drivers are encouraged to  inspect items for damage before moving anything. 

In rare circumstances drivers my have to dissasembe and then reassemble items.  This is done purely for transport reasons.  If you have an item that you believe will need this work please mention this in your request description.  

Yes.  You will be able to call the driver through the mobile app or message them through the webite.  Phone numbers are anonymous.  

Any time a service request, either on-demand or a reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the ordered service a $10 cancellation fee will be applied.  

Tipping is not required but drivers greatly appreciate them.  100% of tips go to the drivers. 

Payments are made through our secure website and mobile application.  


Prior to ordering a service you will receive an estimate.  Your final cost can go lower or higher depending on factors such as light traffic times, fast loading, or, heavy traffic and road construction.  

No.  Pickup Pronto will not be moving any hazardous materials including but not limited to batteries, aerosols, mercury and mercury-containing products, light bulbs, automotive fuels and fluids, propane, fireworks, ammunition, paint, paint thinners, solvents, household cleaners, lawn chemicals, certain personal nail products.  Read more here.

In most cases, background check take 2-10 to process following Pickup Pronto receiving the consent to perform the check from drivers.  

You can sign up to drive using this form.

Yes.  We strongly recommend that drivers inspect any valuable pieces and take pictures of any noticeable damages prior to loading the item(s).  If a driver damages or loses an item the driver will be responsible for paying the $250 deductable. 

Drivers must have a satisfactory level of vehicle and health insurance to comply with the laws in your state, and the federal government.  In the event of an accident, Pickup Pronto offers supplemental insurance. 

Yes.  The cost for a background check is $40 and is non-refundable.  

No.  Customers are not permitted to ride with their items under the Pickup Pronto Platform.

Yes, PIckup Pronto will send them out in a timely manner. 

In general, refer to the terms and conditions you accepted upon becoming a driver with Pickup Pronto, or, the latest updated version of the terms of service.  

Sometimes we have to send requests manually if the customer made a change to the date/time/vehicle type. When we send manual emails they will include more details about the project. You can reply to the email to accept these projects. Automated emails that are generated when a new order comes in do not include details. You will need to log into the app to accept these requests.

Please read our Policy on Hazardous and Other Sensitive Items here.  

Learn about Pickup Pronto's policy on Safely Securing Cargo here.