Trash Removal Services

Trash / Junk Removal Service


So you have stuff that you need to get rid of for good? Pickup Pronto will be your fast responder for items that you want to get rid of now. You can receive your estimate here. Pickup Pronto charges per item to be removed. The fee for the disposal to a waste facility or recycling center is built into is built into the cost of pickup, so no need for you to worry about additional charges.


In some cases items removed by the drivers may very well find a good home for your items.  Many items can be recycled, some of them can be reused.  Drivers keep this in mind when performing services.


*A Pickup Truck or Trailer Will Arrive


*24/7 On-Demand


*Driver Will Help You Load



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Hazardous materials are not permitted to be transported while customers and drivers are using the Pickup Pronto Platform.  Are you unsure if your items to be transported are hazardous?  Read more